Namaste! Please find below my testimonial. :)
I have learned how to be less stressed and more conscious about my personal limitations by attending the sections of Svaroopa® Yoga. No matter what type of day I am having, after attending the class I always feel calmer and motivated to continue my journey. I just want to say thank Kirsten so much for sharing her experience, as well as her passion for teaching. ... I appreciate how she balances meditation and exercising. Namaste! Q. P.

Svaroopa® Yoga is like no is a healing yoga and I have been healed! I have been attending  the yoga classes and Embodyment/therapy for 8 years and am at a different place in my life.. Give it a go. You will not regret it. G.

For many years I have experienced many forms of yoga. Yet, Bon Air Yoga is the only one that exceeds all my expectations. Instructors Kirsten Hale and Lisha Reynolds utilize Svaroopa® Yoga (a Hatha yoga). Yoga blankets are used during class in lieu of yoga mats. This is an important factor in creating each exercise. Kirsten and Lisha personally evaluate each student during instructed poses and assist "hands on" to make corrective adjustments. Sessions begin and end with a guided meditation. During the initial contemplation, an important practice of Ujjayi (form of pranayama) breathing is introduced. This  effectively calms the mind while internally healing the body. I once had a personal Ujjayi training with Kirsten which enhanced the importance of this style of breathing, proving to be beneficial in yoga. I highly recommend anyone interested in experiencing yoga to attend Bon Air Yoga. You, your body and mind will be glad you did.Sal A.

As of practitioner of yoga for 42 years, I can truly say that Svaroopa® Yoga is the best yoga for older individuals.  Mental clarity, perpetuation of peace & bliss, as well as spinal release & joint protection are all some of the many benefits of this lovely form of yoga. Thank you! Sandy G.

I am a 64 year old and began practicing Svaroopa® Yoga about 3 years ago. I realized that I was not as flexible as I once was and was having pain in my joints and muscles. I had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. In order to prevent any long term injury to my body and start moving better, I joined the Svaroopa® Yoga practice at Bon Air Yoga. 
The poses are deep as well as relaxing. They have helped me with balance and concentration. The breathing and meditation exercises help my mind be tranquil. After our yoga session I feel connected to my body and my senses. I feel a deep relaxation that is carried throughout the day. The experience helps me with my daily meditation. My instructors have been patient, thorough in teaching the practice, and encouraging. I am grateful for their dedication.
Evelyn K. 

I was once told that Vichara is like yoga for the mind. I got that! Just as I experience openings and lightness after a posed based Svaroopa® class, I experience openings and lightness after a Svaroopa® based Vichara session. The session begins with me talking about a point of tension, stuck point, mental block.  We then go through a series of question and answer rounds. It is like untangling a ball of yarn that has been knotted for quite some time. The yarn seems to effortless begin to de-tangle and flow into the tapestry of my life instead of a gnarled, knotted tight spot. I am so grateful for this support. Give your own Self the gift of untangling through the support of Vichara. Gayatri H.

Svaroopa® yoga practice makes you become more aware of your spine than any other yoga practice. The different asanas help release tension in the muscles and help lengthen the spine. It's a perfect practice for a healthy back.
I love my Saturday morning yoga practice with like minded yogis. A great way to release the work week stress and energize for the weekend.
Canan B.

I have been attending the sessions at Bon Air Yoga for a little over two years. It is really difficult to express how grateful I am that I found the practice. The classes and teachers are so supportive and caring. When I first started attending the practice, I was so stressed, that some of the poses actually made me cry after releasing the stress I had pent up in my body. I had no idea that a pose could be so powerful. I could literally feel the stress leaving my body. That is not an exaggeration. I really am amazed at how much the practice has filtered into my everyday life.  
I think that the biggest change is the confidence I feel and how much less stressed I am. Like many people, my profession is very stressful, I am also dealing with an aging parent and family difficulties. The practice has made me stronger, physically and mentally. After attending sessions for a few months, I noticed that my stamina had increased, physical tasks were becoming easier to complete.  I have so much more energy. Raking the yard, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn did not wear me out as they had before. I can also run around with two little boys at full speed. Handling dramatic and stressful situations at work somehow became less traumatic for me to handle. The practice has taught me ways to incorporate poses into my day after I have been sitting for hours in front of a computer, which helps my back, wrists and neck.  
I am more mindful of how important it is to take care of myself and my soul. I feel so much better and cannot wait for class. I want to take care of myself and I feel that that is something a lot of people, especially women, do not do. My coworkers, friends and family have all noticed a positive change since I began the practice.  
I would really encourage anyone to try the classes. I think it would make a positive difference that will surprise you.
Barbara Q.

Bon Air Yoga has been a life changing experience for me. I have tried several yoga studios and classes throughout the Richmond area over the years. I have never experienced the relaxation and peace I have found with Kirsten's yoga class. She is thorough in explaining each pose and the purpose it serves our bodies and health. Individual attention is given to ensure everyone is able to get in to and stay in the pose. I have gained so much flexibility from this practice, not to mention the increased focus and mental clarity. I have found true "bliss" with this yoga practice and the effects it has on my personal and work life are priceless. Lena

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Svaroopa® worked for me. Low back & hip pain is noticably better. I am so happy that I tried this and will be back for more! G.S.

What a great experience! I can tell my body is in alignment. The instructors were so helpful, really focused on my well being!S.J.

Love this - life changing. I look forward to going each week. Give it a try!

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