​I have been using a variety of essential oils for over 20 years, and I love the Therapeutic benefits of the Doterra oils, the generous discount program, including loyalty rewards. 

I have worked in Healthcare administration for over 15 years, and see the direct affect of debilitating illness, and how adverse side effects of prescription drugs can trap you in a vicious cycle of overcoming illness, disease & injury.  I believe that our natural resources, including diet, exercise, meditation & breathing practices, and therapeutic grade oils, when used appropriately can help to bring your body back into a healthy balance. Using these methods reduces the healing time, aides in prevention, and improves quality of life.

I have used the Doterra oils personally and in our family family for dandruff, digestion support, head concussions, stress, skin conditions, sore achy muscles, oral care, skin care, shingles, cold & flu, sinus congestion, insect bites, perfume, as a natural deodorant, mental focus, and as a sleep aide,  I love sharing, teaching, and helping others transcend Health on all levels of being. I am excited about helping you learn and grow.
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Yoga Blankets

As a service to our students, we order blankets to assist with a home practice. Orders will be placed when we have requests for 10 or more, and will be available for in store pickup. Please email bliss@bonairyoga.com to place your order and we will invoice you the total cost. Cost varies depending on total order and shipping. Approximately $23 per blanket. These blankets are about 60in. x 80in. Acrylic, polyester, cotton blend. Colors vary. They are thick, and cozy. Your family will delight over these blankets, especially as you continue to use them in your practice. Machine wash cold only!  Hang to dry for about a day.

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