Welcome! We’re delighted you are here.

Bon Air Yoga was created for you. Our intention is to provide a fun and loving, Sacred Space, that supports you, in being you, as you are. We provide a casual and non-competitive environment, and welcome you to explore a yoga practice that restores health, vitality, and balance within your body, and within your Self.

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, or are just feeling a bit restless, you can find immediate results with a regular Svaroopa® Yoga practice.

Svaroopa® Yoga, is a radically different yoga practice, based on an ancient lineage, that supports you in Healing, Transformation, and Illumination. We use various props and personal support to assist you in the poses, without forcing or straining. This prevents injuries, and will also help free you from nagging chronic pains.

A regular Svaroopa® Yoga practice helps increase flexibility; move you beyond old pain and injuries; reduces stress and anxiety; increase clarity, energy, strength and stamina; improves digestion; massages internal organs; and strengthens the immune system. You also experience a state of deep peace and inner spaciousness.

Svaroopa® Yoga is safe for beginning, and gentle students, and has plenty to offer continuing students who are looking for “something more” to deepen your practice with meditation, contemplations, cultivating awareness, and ways to work with your mind, body & spirit towards Self Realization.

Private sessions are available to help you to develop a home practice, and fine tune the effects of the poses. We also offer Yoga Therapy for chronic pain, Embodyment® Therapy, Vichara, Breath Awareness, Beginning and Group Meditation. Private Yoga Parties, and Workshops are also available.

Join us in growing this wonderful community! We have a great location – Look for us upstairs at 2730 Tinsley Drive. Our space is off street level, and is quiet and settling.


  • Monthly Contemplation
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