Upcoming Events

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Beginning Meditation

3 week series – meets once a week for 3 weeks – call Kirsten 519-7471 for more information.

Group Meditation Class

This class is open to everyone. This group class will continue to support you in beginning & maintaining, a meditation practice. $10 suggested donation. Call/email to register.

BEGINNING MEDITATION Call or email bliss@bonairyoga.com to register for an upcoming class.

Learn about Yoga Philosophy, and how easy starting a Meditation practice can be! Each week you learn the philosophy of meditation straight from ancient yoga texts, and each week, you will learn a reliable technique to try. Once you understand the purpose of each technique, you are supported in putting them to practice, and finding the best one for you. You will also be guided to find a suitable posture that best supports you in your home practice. Must have a minimum of 5 students. E-mail or call 519-7471 to register.

Vichara Yoga Sessions

Kirsten is offering sessions at a special rate of $55. Vichara is yoga for your mind. WOW – yoga for your mind! Take your practice to a whole new level. It’s really quite amazing how powerful this is. It works as a guided self-inquiry that invites you to look at little more closely at your thought process, bringing the light of awareness to your mind. What this does is dissolve tensions & old belief systems at their core – a very cool way to let things go – for good. One hour sessions can be done in person or over the phone. E-mail kirsten to schedule.


  • Monthly Contemplation
    Alignment with Grace 1301.pdf