Embodyment® Therapy

Embodyment® is a Svaroopa® Yoga therapy based on ancient yogic principles.

Embodyment® sessions facilitate the release of core tensions in your body that are not easily accessible in your yoga practice. This is a gentle yet profound healing therapy. The therapist uses specific hand positions along the spine, to help facilitate deep changes in the body. Embodyment is a great way to jump start your practice, and move you through stress and tensions faster.

This gentle hands on technique, provides:

Sessions are 1 hour, and include training in a breathing practice to help support you between sessions.

Overlap Healing:

When you need extra support with chronic pain, illness, or a life transition, overlap healing is recommended. Based on your specific needs, we will create a routine of consistent sessions, to facilitate the healing process and ease you back into life, and back into yourself. You will gain skills to use at home to maintain the changes created during the sessions.

Embodyment® is a beautiful way to honor what life has presented you and work with it, not against it.


  • Monthly Contemplation
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